Here is a bit of extra info on '411's father
214/01 "Amigo" (2nd ace-bird middle distance club yearlings in 2003) "Amigo" is full brother to:
- "Chaplin": 1st ace bird middle distance combine BTK 2001
- "Charlie": winner of 2 1st prizes in the combine
- "Mon Ami": 2003: 1st ace bird middle distance in the club and 3rd ace-bird in the combine 'Hafo 2000' / 2004: 4th ace bird in the combine "Union Antwerp, Zone East"
"Amigo" is halfbrother to:
- 435/04: 2nd ace-bird yb's in the combine 'Velbert' (Germany) "Amigo" is father of:
-225/04: winner of a 1st combine against 1125 birds.