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This eye picture, is in the opinion of Bob Fleming; "The Ultimate Breeding Eye"

"The Ultimate Breeding eye". Owned by Bill Holden of Sydney AUSTRALIA. This bird was the winner of the first eye-sign show ever held in Aust. It scored an unequaled 30 points under me and a full brother ran second in the same show at 28 points. The bird also won 15 Combines at all distances from 150 to 600 miles. These were flown in all kinds of conditions but yet the quality of the family stood far out and above the rest. The breeding record of this bird also makes it very unique in that, it had already bred 15 individual Combine winners for the owner at the time of this photo being taken but, as a result of posting this picture on this site, I later learned that the bird had continued to breed and the final count of Combine winners it produced was 30+. These winners came from the largest Combine in Australia which fly's an average of between 8,000 to 10,000 birds per race through the gauntlet of all of the 13 different kinds of FALCONS which take our birds en-rout home. The origines of the family I am told are the F Burton family of Savage Barkers, which were and still are arguably the best birds in Australia. They certainly have by far the best eye's. This eye is a Pearl eye, with pearl colored Cluster's in both eye's which are displayed as a multiple showing of small and large Clusters, together with dozens of individual grains of pigment some of which are drifting around and others which are a fixed in position. To those who believe that the Cluster is a blind spot or defect in the eye, I would ask you to look closely at this picture and explain how, if your thoughts are correct, this bird flew as it did. I have seen many many thousands of Clusters throughout the world and the flying records of these freaks of nature is alway's the same. EXCELLENT. P S. They are also "NOT CATARACTS" As one eye-sign man would have you believe.